Thursday, 14 July 2011

Sharepoint extranet ...........

Join us for an intriguing look at how a SharePoint extranet can help your business become more competitive and effective.

Our 1 hour webinars will illustrate the opportunities available to organizations with SharePoint 2010 for launching secure and user-friendly extranets. External collaboration with SharePoint can reduce the cost of communication and collaboration, while providing the transparency and real-time access to content that clients and partners demand.
We will cover topics such as:
  • security
  • reducing the administrative burden on IT
  • self-service features for the users
  • extranet account management
and more.
You will learn how the award-winning Extranet Collaboration Manager product gives you all the tools necessary to deliver a complete extranet solution to your business. You are welcome to ask questions via the chat which will be answered by our expert technical team.

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