Monday, 10 March 2014

Creating New Orchard Module and Creating Orchard Theme

First install the code generation package file in Module Feature Tap.

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To enable the feature from the Orchard command-line, open the orchard command-line, and enter the following command. For more information about the Orchard command-line, see Using the command-line interface.

orchard> feature enable Orchard.CodeGenerationEnabling features Orchard.CodeGenerationOrchard.CodeGeneration was enabled

Once the code generation feature is enabled, new commmands are available for creating a module, theme, data migration, or controller. Currently, the code generation commands add files to the appropriate location.

Creating New Module :

codegen module <module-name> [/IncludeInSolution:true|false]
        Create a new Orchard module

Creating New Theme:

codegen theme <theme-name> [/CreateProject:true|false][/IncludeInSolution:true|false][/BasedOn:<theme-name>]

        Create a new Orchard theme

codegen controller <module-name> <controller-name>
        Create a new Orchard controller in a module

codegen datamigration <feature-name>
        Create a new Data Migration class

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